Maximize productivity and enhance the way you interact with data

Unlimited workspace – Unlimited screens

Physical screens are soon to be a thing of the past. Virtual Reality is here. Unlimited, fitted to your needs.

Organize your environment

By unlocking the third dimension, SpaceSys opens up the opportunity to combine spatial-cognitive tools and experiences to elevate user productivity up to 40%.

Share. Collaborate.

Share a virtual space with your colleagues or friends, wherever they are. Create, work, have fun. Together.

Why SpaceSys?

 Run every app

There are no limits, you can run every application inside Virtual Reality

 True 3D

We solved problems with 2D space, now you can use full 360 environment and get the benefit of 3D computing

 Multitasking solved

No need to take off the headset to perform any other task, everything is already there

 Content editor

Choose your environment, or build the one to perfectly suit your needs

  Spatial Cognition

Simply click-hold-drag any element and spatially organize your working environment

 Productivity boost

More screen space, fewer interruptions, customizing and spatially organizing means more productivity

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