Unlimited workspace

We are removing a need for multiple physical screens, you can have as many as you want inside SpaceSys. You are no longer limited inside 2D desktop that was making you inefficient and limiting your computing experience.

Customized Environment

Now you can finally personalize your environment to perfectly suit your needs. Whether you are a stockbroker, graphic expert, developer, or basically anyone in a need for multiple screens and efficiency boost can have benefit by using SpaceSys.


Welcome to SPACESYS

    • Built for Microsoft Windows

      SpaceSys is a VR 3D desktop user interface for Microsoft Windows. It completely replaces the standard Windows 2D UI giving you unlimited workspace inside 3D environments. It is easy to use and and you are given fantastic new ways of using your OS. We are still in development and we invite all of you to join us!

    • Oculus Rift support

      We wanted to take your OS to a  new level providing you a deeper 3D experience so we dived into virtual reality. SpaceSys is fully compatible with Oculus Rift. Our rich 3D environments allow users to be fully immersed as they browse their OS inside VR.

    • Esenthel Engine

      Providing users with the beautiful graphic experience is what we want. To make SpaceSys shine, we use Esenthel Engine. A small independent developer as ourselves and one of the best engines out there. We aim to take it closer to our users providing an editor so you can use your imagination and create new environments.

    • Multi platform support

      SpaceSys goal is to become a multiplatform VR user interface, combining our engine and OS in a unique way, allowing multi – user cross – platform working environment, becoming a bridge between all your devices. One user interface to rule them all, seamless and simple inside virtual and augmented reality.


Steam me up, Scotty


Currently ranked at No2, we need your push to get Greenlit

We have been GREENLIT, thanks everyone for your support!