SpaceSys VR - Showcase (Tropic island environment)

Spacesys and doom


wait a bit more 🙂

SpaceSys - VR Computing Platform

Getting closer to the real thing.. We are still working on the new build, and release once it is ready. It will be a much smoother experience 🙂 This is running with GTX 780 and i7 CPU on DK2

SpaceSys D&D

Interesting, you have much untapped power 🙂

SpaceSys with VR

SpaceSys is getting closer to a full beta! We sorted out the input, but the mechanics still need to be fine tuned and tested for bugs and to minimize confusion for the users. Hopefully we will push it out in april for everyone to use. We are working now on Windows 10 support and updating our engine to run as smooth as possible with multiple open applications. Also Steamworks integration is done so you will be able to download it through Steam, although we still dont support HTC Vive, we will get there soon. 😉 We will update once we are done!


Playing Minecraft with SpaceSys Only a demo, dont have time for the full game 😉

SpaceSys & JanusVR

Browsing in 3D, in VR is so fun! Big thanks to our friends at JanusVR! I hope we merge one day 🙂 your vision is supercool! To the random viewer.. You are looking at the work in progress from both of SpaceSys and JanusVR. This is just a short preview of our future interfaces for the web and for the operating system, we hope it will change the way you use your PCs and give you more freedom to work, play and share. Using Virtual Reality as your medium.

Empower your workspace with 3D computing

SpaceSys is Virtual Computing Platform expanding your computing experience into a new dimension.

SpaceSys Promo Video

Here is a view into the future of your interface, as we see it. Working with VR will be a joy! Imagine all the possibilities of a multiuser VR working envrionment..

SpaceSys with 13x full HD vids

Smooth as butter 🙂 Played with VLC, full HD videos, no hickups. We will add the controls soon.

SpaceSys Home

This is where we work and live. 🙂

SpaceSys with 3DSMax

How it should be like, just one screen, VR one 🙂

SpaceSys OSE with Anarchy Arcade running Xrebirth

Running Anarchy Arcade within SpaceSys, running XRebirth.. Everything maxed out, highest settings for all games, so it lags a bit. And spaceSys is not nearly finished, so dont judge harshly.. We still have work to do. Regards, to good sithlord for making AA, and pioneering 3D desktops.

SpaceSys OSE running Diablo 3 🙂

Just testing stuff.. Playing diablo, and some optimizations kicking in, automatically dropping frame rate refresh if the frame rate drops below the limit we set. Just one of many we will implement and give you the options to set it up for each application as you want.

Skyping in VR with SpaceSys

Just a test, Works fine 🙂

SpaceSys OSE with elite dangerous @ 11520x2160

Running Elite Dangerous in SpaceSys means a lot of fun for me 🙂 I need to upgrade my PC, resolution kills it.. When optimized, spacesys will run 50% better.. This build will be available in a week or 2, we are still polishing things out. Now we can bend the canvas as we see fit, make it round a bit, or, add unicorns to it, and subliminal messages, like, buy spacesys! you need it! 😀

SpaceSys OSE, playing BF4

Just testing out, framerate is a bit low 🙂

SpaceSys - Infinite VR Desktop

This is WIP, we just scratched the surface 🙂 What i wanted to say, this is the future! if not SpaceSys, something similar will come. I am happy to enjoy it now, and i invite you ppl to come and play! This is very much work in progress, and we will release the preview soon. There are lots of things missing here, mechanics that we will implement that will make your life easier within a virtual reality operating system environment. From now on we are working on optimization of the engine, and lowering its system footprint. Along with the usage mechanics, configuration options, adding oculus rift DK2 support, (and the consumer version when it comes) Additional graphics are on the way, and maybe even an editor. We will see about that. We will push out more serious video in a day or two, one without youtHube cutting out the good stuff 🙂 There are two songs on this video, played on youtube, Led Zeppelin - Black Dog, copyrights owned by Warner Music Group AC/DC - Jailbreak, copyrights owned by Sony Music Entertainment.