Modding on Hold untill further notice

Welcome modders to the community!
Thu Jan 23, 2014 11:50 pm

  • Little about user created content.

    We are still working on the core of our system which has to be complete before we give out anything to influence what we are building now.

    We hoped that in cooperation with Esenthel engine we will be able to give you the editor and the tools from us for you to use and create your stuff while in early alpha state. In the meantime Esenthel engine came to a v2.0 and we are still using 1.0, so we will need couple of months to prepare the switch, once there you will be able to use Esenthel editor to create new content for SpaceSys.

    Content can come in various shapes, it can be a new world, it can be a game, it can be icon sets, can be a new system plugin. Really in short, you can do anything, we will be open software as much as possible.

    Also there will be a shop that will be integrated into the system where you will be able to share your stuff, and even sell, using SpaceSys as your own distributing platform.
    If you would share your created content for free, there would be no restrictions, but if you would like to sell, then you would have to licence Esenthel editor for a small price, and you can become a licensed developer for yourselves :)

    We will talk more about user content later, once there are more interested people :roll:
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