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Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:10 pm

  • Just a small update on our current state.

    We are working!

    No seriously, we are hard at work, switching Esenthel engine version from 1.0 to 3.0, our friend Grzegorz is not helping with that, he is hard at work updating the engine, but he is there and right now is about to implement Oculus Rift DK2 support for us, and we are seriously going to kick ass with that.

    We are adapting our code and graphics to new engine and editor, which is by the way updated so much that it will be a pleasure to finally allow people to mod SSyS with it. You can check it out here.

    If we manage to implement support for custom worlds and object, everybody will be able to create for SpaceSys using the editor. We promised that to happen and this will be a first step towards SSyS API, rudimentary but fun. Only thing is that we still dont have an exact estimate when it will happen, in a month or two, depending on how much work we will have and how deep we will allow modders to go.

    We managed to sort out all the objects inside 3.0, now we are optimizing performance, sorting out the graphics to perform better, we still have to work a lot on optimizations and we will not loose time on all of them, some will come later. Like creating icons in new thread, and so on...

    We changed the way we draw icon labels, transferred it completely to 3D. Now they are textures on an object and we can enable you to change everything about them, fonts, size, colors, etc.. We will enable even further customization later on, and some automatic behaviors, like picking up your used fonts automatically.
    Now we are also implementing all basic windows notifications to our 3D GUI, so no more win popups above SSyS, that was immersion breaking and we finally sorted it out, we still need to transfer it to our own 3D gui, (like context menu) now we use 2D GUI that we used for icon labels, but we will finish it through this month. (we still need to decide how it will look and behave)

    We are also eyeing on item properties tab, how to generate it with our own GUI inside SSyS, right now we can capture the window as a texture and pump it inside like all others, but our solution would be much better.

    One of the harder tasks ahead is to transfer windows texture pump on to the graphics card, optimizing the engine performance up to 100% when working with live windows inside 3D.

    Also one of the things that we will change is the world icons, the full 3D ones, we will make them generic, all of them like you have them now inside spaces, but you will be able to change the mesh as you want. You will have the option to allow SSyS to handle that for you or you can do it manually, for those that don't know, you can do it now with ALT-O while you have the icon selected.
    We will release more icon packs later on, we will share ones users create with the editor as well, but it will be up to you if you will use them or not, or if you want to create your own.

    One big thing that awaits us after all these implementations is the input back towards apps from inside SpaceSys, that will be as hard to overcome as the texture grabbing itself, we still are looking at Microsoft and what they do with Hololens / Win10, Satya (big boss) is finally kicking buts inside MS and opening up, he will have to enable some APIs that we so far only dreamed about, had to hack it up, now we will have more options and more freedom, so probably we will switch instantly to WIN10 as they come with full support for input and texture grab. If not, we will have to code it in ourselves.

    We created a draft for a Kickstarter campaign, but we wait for it until we are ready, we need to make a good video and rewrite all the texts so everyone can understand it (now you need a science degree to understand it) and we will launch it within this year. We got some ppl here that will help us with that, and they are fantastic at what they do, but it is still not the right time.

    Steam greenlight is not finished, but not shut down, we came to third place, and now we are holding no5. We need to show to Steam that we are a serious team and can pull it off. I must say i don't blame them, this is such an ambitious project that might have gone wrong, they are pulling much bigger teams and their projects like H1Z1 or ALIEN so we should be more serious before finalizing it.
    There is much work to be done before we launch like integrating steam workshop.. That will take few weeks for one person.

    Right now we will redo our website that has been done in between coffees and one hand tied behind our back.
    Make it look more professional, more informative and understanding, fixing up SEO that if someone asks for what Steve Jobs thought about VR, they end up on 3DEAs web page.
    We never worried about that stuff, but now it is the time to make it spread a bit, using weapons of mass destruction that i despise but i deem necessary. Unfair enemies brought out the worst in me :=)
    Dont think that we did not know how to make a web site, we just never allowed the time and resources to create the real thing.

    About the SSyS videos, (which are almost non existent) i am guilty. I know that i should have done more on that field, and will start working on that part from now on explaining hows and whys as i work with SSyS, explain how we see it in the future, so people will understand more about where we are heading with our software design. You will have to listen to my broken English with a voice of a bear mixed with man, but to the point.

    Our way of thinking is not our own anymore, suddenly MS is doing it, and only for MS hardware and software, we see our opportunity there as we are doing a little bit more.
    One good thing is that they are doing for us now is spreading the word for us about future where we exist, so far we had to do that alone, and we had no resources for doing it, this is a huge step for us if we make use of it and i can assure you we will.

    Our team strengthens, we have ppl all over the world trying to help and want to get into the project, asking us to open up SpaceSys source so they can help, we are creating a strong base here at home, Split Croatia, and slowly we will add to our team people that will make all those things happen. We are a step away from a big push and once there we will grow fast.

    To all of you that stick with us trough all these uncertain times i thank you in behalf of our team.

    We are slow with news, updates and everything else, we are working hard and we came a long way now. It is hard to remain on a pro level working only with a handful of devs, and we are doing our best to stay that way. So we will continue to develop in silence until we finish what we started to do. Once done we will come out guns blazing.

    This is just and update about what we are thinking and what we are doing right now, there is much more to say, but..

    when the time comes
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