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Fri Nov 07, 2014 6:32 pm

  • I can see that a bunch of you guys registered in the past few days and keep coming..

    We are currently working on a new build that we will hopefully release next week, if all goes right that is.
    It will contain all that you see in the videos, working on windows 7 for now only, we still need to make a different approach to make it usable on all windows vista/8, except XP, RIP.. :P
    That includes win 10 when it comes out.

    Forum is here to provide help when you start getting issues.
    And you will have them, this is a work in progress, we passed alpha stage, but still far away from beta. :)

    We will continue to develop and create what you came to see here, the thing you all imagined.

    We are not into the graphics right now to much, there are only 4 of us working full time on spacesys at all times, we are growing our team and constantly looking for new talents. If you feel talented, PM us! Back to graphics, so what ever you see right now is just a fraction of what spacesys is capable, we will create your ironmans UI in year from now. - Yes, we are not joking :)

    Right now, after we finish with the current build and release it, all of you will be notified.
    Those that bought the licence will be added to VIP group during the weekend, not much benefit today from it, but on the long run it will pay off :idea:

    Thank you for coming here,

    Stay tuned

    3DEA team.
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