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Development update 02/2016

The last few things that we are working on, mouse input (keyboard is allready in) steamworks integration, (half way throuhg) and oculus SDK 0.8 and above, and for the last Windows 10 support.

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SpaceSys use cases

Last few days we are thinking aloud what are we building actually, we knew that with a tool like this we can transform into

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3DEA @ BoostVC

Hello friends and random visitors 🙂

Recently we got out of our office and we exibited on the pioneers festival, where we rocked the stage ….

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Steam Greenlight!

SpaceSys has been Greenlit by Steam.

We have been working very hard for this, and now we are ready to move to the next level

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3DEA roadmap.

I have been describing our idea of a metaverse for few years now. We are close to building the control center for the first time for such a system.

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Captains log – 130215

No seriously, we are hard at work, switching Esenthel engine version from 1.0 to 3.0, our friend Grzegorz is not helping with that, he is hard at work updating the engine, but he is there and right now is about to implement Oculus Rift DK2 support for us

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SpaceSys Update coming soon.

We have been hard at work for days.. Maybe months have passed, we don’t look that much out trough the windows..

All we know it is cold all of the sudden

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SpaceSys Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the next big things but there are still no simple solutions for everyday use. The future of computers will probably exist on the cloud, and all of us will

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SpaceSys system requirements

SpaceSys is using a game engine that uses resources of your PC as any other game does.
Depending on your PC configuration you can feel its presence.

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